RJN's Bio Page

Name: Robert J. Nemiroff
Employer: Michigan Technological University, Department of Physics, Houghton, Michigan, 49931
MTU Email Address: nemiroff .at. mtu .dot. edu.nospam (please delete the ".nospam" before sending email)


Currently he is:

Once favorite phrase: "Oh Pooh!" The idea is to say this like a spoiled rich kid who didn't get his or her way. It is to be said in place of a curse when something that could have happened and would have been nice (but not essential) did not happen. To say it right usually requires practice.

Bonus phrase Jerry Bonnell and I sometimes use:
"Everything is chaos and the possibilities are excellent." We think this is an ancient Chinese war proverb although neither of us actually lived in ancient China. To be said after yet another factor seems to complicated things when this factor should really have no overall effect.

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