Sabine Hossenfelder
Physicist: †Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies, Germany 
Blog: BackReaction at 
Twitter: @skdh
Author: Lost in Math: How Beauty Leads Physics Astray 
(Basic Books: 2018)††

How will humanity first discover ET Life?

Best guess: Technosignatures†

Quite plausibly the reason we havenít yet picked up 
ET signals is that we have not developed the necessary technology. 
How can we make progress? We need to better understand the 
foundations of physics. If there is any way to send information 
faster than the speed of light, thatís what advanced civilizations 
are using. Too many physicists currently believe that Einstein has 
proved superluminal signaling is impossible or that, if it was possible, 
it would somehow wreck the universe. Both are incorrect. 
There is no particular reason why faster than light signaling 
should be impossible. But if we believe it is impossible, 
weíre not going to find those aliens. Indeed, I am afraid the 
belief that the speed of light is an absolute limit is the 
biggest mistake in human history, ever.

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