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What follows is a list of resources that excel in astronomy education. Each resource is distinctly different - they have been chosen to highlight a wide range of interests. We believe the list is topologically complete in that there are no publicly advertised astronomy resources on the WWW that cannot be found by following the internal links of these resources. The list is in alphabetical order, and is subject to change as the WWW, and our knowledge of it, matures.

APOD in the Classroom
How Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD) is being used as a learning tool by teachers and students.
Astronomy 101 Online for Free
See all the video lectures and Powerpoint slides for a real Introductory Astronomy Course taught at Michigan Technological University. The class was taught using Wikipedia and APOD instead of a textbook, so that everything is really free and online. Useful for astronomy teachers as well as students!
Astronomy with a Stick
Elementary school astronomy activities that can be done with only a stick. Brought to you by the National Science Teachers Association.
Astronomy Picture of the Day Subject Sorted Archive
This archive contains Astronomy Pictures of the Day (TM) sorted by subject and is updated monthly.
Bad Astronomy Blog
Astronomer Phil Plait's popular blog focusing on popular misconceptions and hoaxes involving astronomy.
Black holes and Neutron Stars
Take a virtual trip to a black hole or neutron star. Have your MPEG movie player ready. Intended for the advanced student, but fun for everyone.
"Where professional scientists and the public come together to map other worlds, learn about space, and share what we are discovering."
The Exploratorium
A fun way to explore science for a beginner.
Great Debates in Astronomy
Do leading astronomers always agree? Not always. Here are detailed accounts of several debates in astronomy starting with the famous Scale of the Universe discussion in 1920 between Curtis and Shapley.
Detailed pictures and explanations of Hubble Space Telescope results.
Web Planetarium Programs
Including Google Sky, WikiSky, and the World Wide Telescope
NASA Night Sky Network
Dream of seeing the moon, stars & planets through a telescope? The NASA Night Sky Network connects you to astronomy clubs in the USA & their public events. www.nightskynetwork.org
The Space Place
NASA's award-winning Web site for elementary age kids. Games, animations, projects, a cartoon talk show, and amazing facts related to space and Earth science, technology, and NASA's missions of discovery. The Space Place is also available in Spanish at http://spaceplace.nasa.gov/espanol.
Starship Asterisk*
Become an officer on a discussion board of astronomy enthusiasts that has a listing of the latest astronomy news stories, discussion of the present APOD, and the best and latest images submitted to APOD.
Universe Today
A news site dedicated to astronomy and space.
Zooniverse: Space
"The world's largest and most popular platform for people-powered research."
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